My love is a rainbow, my love is the rain 

My love makes me want to play again. 

I’ve been looking around for reasons all along, 

and have only found them 

in his eyes:

I like to think now

how all the time that I can’t see them 

is just because he’s blinking. 

He blinks so much that I can’t breathe

And I feel so much 

That I can’t blink, and

miss it – or him

I can’t miss it

Or him. 

My love left behind a puddle

that reflects rainbows 

in the sun. 

The summer heat 

will have to fight me 

before it takes him away.

I will let my fingers 

wander over the keys again,

hoping that the sound 

can describe what 

his smile feels like,

And that it somehow melts into the sound of his voice:

The slight tremble at the end of his sentences 

And the end of his fingers 

At the beginning of his touch 

And of my hands 

in his hands 

and our hands 

Dancing to a rhythm 

That only they know of.

Will rain let the dust 

settle back onto ground 

Like eager footsteps?


against white 

against black. 

Can song bring people back home? 

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