Verse Chorus Verse

Everytime I see someone perform live,
I feel like I belong. It’s just a vague feeling.
It’s there when they take a familiar song

And make it their own

It’s there when the performer takes a deep breath

He closes his eyes.
The first verse starts 

And someone in the audience lets loose a slow smile

Some lose it to an expression of awe and wonder

And one by one, and all at once

They get engulfed by this energy

And this magic – If there’s any in the world,

It’s here.
It’s when the crowd starts with slow hums like static 

And slowly rises into a cheer in harmony with the tune of the song

And the performer is the artist.
He opens his eyes 

Looks into the audience for the first time

And this is the moment the artist

Finally finds the reason 

why he started in the first place 

It’s like the song finally found its key. 
And then the artist 

Gives a little foot tap 

Maybe a slight shiver 

And lets it all out.
There is passion out on the stage 

And down below in the crowd that screams back in recognition.

He closes eyes again 

And every other eye reflects only him.
And when there is silence to follow

You know what fills every mind and every heart: 
I feel like I belong.

It’s a very overpowering feeling.



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