About Me

My name is Vartika Rastogi, and I grew up a very confused child. So, I write now.

I am twenty one year old and have recently graduated from Hindu College, University of Delhi with a degree in English Literature. I am a published journalist, and like reading; rock music; and turning all my unhealthy caffeine consumption into words.

I created this blog as a dump for my attempts at fiction in 2015; because I never learnt to keep my things in one place, and was made aware of how bad I am at not losing loose sheets of paper however important they may be.

Punk Rock + Reticence still exists because this debilitating  carelessness is still very much a part of me. I also use this blog to track my progress from embarrassed-teenager-writing-embarrassing-poems to whatever I might be right now.

I actually pay for another website,, where I write semi-journalistic pieces about serious issues of importance. Please check it out to learn more about me and my interests!






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